Who is Demetri?

I go by many names that start with a “D”, but Demetri will do. I am a Miami raised avid gamer, and cosplay photographer who happen to dwell more into street photography. At most, I shoot analogue with my favorite film Kodak T-Max.

I intend to have a visionary of creating what is real and what is directly in front of me. Sometimes my process can be at the spur of a moment if I don’t think about the technical aspects of framing. Whatever the scenery is, I find the beauty in a cluttered neighborhood or a full function. I navigate through a community where people of color such as myself are combating against being underrepresented and embracing belonging in a community. As I take on the role of being a photographer, I noticed that it is essential to document, archive, and observe these scenes.

What does Tha Traperture entail?

Aperture is one of the main pillars of photography that determines how much light you’re letting in your imagery. Tha Traperture defines itself as shining that light on imagery that can be insightful, beautiful, and captivating. It is a space of being able to grasp what one can see in the images.

Why Subscribe?

I am learning as I go about everything that I’m doing and I want you to come along this journey of mine, soaking up game from my experiences and techniques as a photographer.


An in depth ramblings on my experiences shooting photos...and turning photos into poetry.


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